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Saturday, February 19

Gotong Royong Perdana!

So, as usual, the annual event of school ; gotong-royong.
Seriously, i never attended such event during my lower secondary school life.
Guess people do get mature and do what they should do.

First on the list - PR room. It had successfully been transformed. So many dusts i encountered today. Pfft. Reports on the way. =)

Secondly - 6A1. We actually painted our class. There was so many arguments about which colour to pick and we ended up with apple green and sky blue. weird combination i know. The outcome, i got no comment. And the sky blue actually turned out to be sea blue. wtf. I'm so jealous of Suez's class now! =(. Our class turned out to be so kindergarten-ish btw. Kelas terceria to-be! Nevertheless, we had fun painting our class. I finally felt the feeling of teamwork again.

Still, my class ROCKS the most among all the other classes. people, its time to learn to accept the fact. =)

Took some photos while waiting for the paint to dry ::

Monitor a.k.a B!

our tee matched perfectly. =)

back to basic-peace pose.


and passerbys from 6A2 and 6A3.

Lastly, sneaked out to library for a while and camwhored with Song Chiang's awesome handphone!

messy hair.

Rushed to Physics tuition after that. A fruitful day i'll say.
And I'm calling it for the day.

As Mr. Moay said, life is never fair. And its fucking true. So, I'm gonna accept all the unfairness just the way it is. Time to rise like a diva! I'm making a comeback! Mark my words, I am.

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