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Thursday, March 31

the end of something is the beginning of a new thing! =)

Its the end of March already.
But somehow, i feel March was quite a long month.
Anyway, it passed by like nobody's business.
Which means, I'm closer to doomsday already.
Yet, what am I doing here? Fml.

Will be sitting for MUET test next week already.
So much expectations to be met. 
Fml again.
i can only afford to get Band 5 or Band 6. if i get Band 4, i fucking gonna retake it.

And today, I learnt that "I look forward to hearing from you soon" is CORRECT instead of "I look forward to hear from you soon".
Because, we look forward to something, not look forward to do something. 
Understand, no?
Then, Fyl.

Btw, its 31st. Did you get a bite of ice-cream from BR??
Pictures coming soon! =)

Last pic of the month.
Kiss goodbye, March.


  1. Hey You! :)
    Sudah lama tidak jumpa you! :D
    Miss u gila la! Esp miss talking to U! :)
    Ive been very busy! day by day makin busy..
    Next week is my final exam! :( ^^
    Hey chill ya? U stpm rite? Haha.
    Gambateh ya? Just study hard.. and er don't too hard la.. Just make sure u study regularly. Dont be too stress.. and i know u can do it! :D
    Keep your books closeee to u! :D And at the same time.. Enjoy ur life! =)

    Tk care missy sor wen! <3

  2. Hello Misc Jung Sap!
    I pun miss you gila tau!
    Lol, studying regularly pun susah lah.
    Semakin malas! :(

    Good luck in your final!
    You can do it! <3

    Take care too babe.