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Monday, May 10

First day of school.

My school life is back.
I just cant wait to study lah.
First day was quite disappointing.
Imagine we were taught to sing the School Song and Malaysia Berjaya song for the whole day?
Don't the MTE have any better things to do.
So lame lah.
They don't even introduce themselves.
What? Your name made of gold is it?
And i hate it when they purposely make people's life suffer.

Commitee= MTE punya orang.
Junior= us.
...= singing
Comittee: Ok, sekarang kita nyanyi lagu sekolah bersama-sama.
Commitee: semua sudah tahu nyanyikan? Ada sesiapa yang tak tahu lagi?
2 of the juniors raise their hand.
Commitee: Kamu keluar.
Then they both walked out.
Commitee: Kamu tak tahu nyanyikan, then kamu nyanyi di depan mereka sampai kamu tahu.
Junior: Kami betul tak tahu nyanyi lah.

See! The MTE is so psychotic! People already say they don't know how to sing. They still ask them to sing in front of the class. They thought the juniors were trying to fool them. Please lah, u think too much right?

After school went to meet with SueyErz with Pangky. Oh btw, Pang taught me a shortcut!=)
STAR's Form 6 is way much better as for the first day. But according to her, there were many Lalas from RZ. Idk. However, still grateful with High School lah. Hope the MTE have better things for us to do tomorrow. don't be lame k.

p/s: the best part today was getting to know new friends. HAHA! There is a Wira in my class! LOL. thats his name k.

i just love this pic!

Toodles ppl, sleep time.

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