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Wednesday, February 15

Valentine's Day.

p/s : This is gonna be an angry post! Read at your own risk.

I honestly thinks that this shall be the worst Valentine everr!
Mind you, I don't have a date for Valentine, but shit still happens to me.

#1 It rained so heavily that i got trouble driving to the gym! Thank god i made it for class.

#2 Can you believe it? The queue for Touch N'Go is actually longer than those Tunai lane. wtf is wrong with Kesas.

#3 After i came out of the gym, there was a super freaking long queue outside of BBQ Plaza and Sakae Sushi.
I honestly thinks that these boyfriends are pretty douchebags because hello! Do you not know something called reservation? And you expect your girlfriend to stand with you with her nicely done hair, heels and pretty dress?! Hell no! Epic failed boyfriends!

#4 This was a post-valentine trauma! I got into an accident this morning! 
Thanks to the irresponsible asshole who ran away, my car was scratched like its a besi buruk! Wtf man! I mean did you got dumped yesterday or your Valentine was too happening that you are not fully awake this morning? That was a freaking turning lane and you were going straight? Bitch, i hope you die soon!

And sorry, don't expect me to be a courteous lady because I'm a bitch and that asshole just messed with the wrong one. Yes, i curse like nobody's business. Perhaps i can't do anything now because I couldn't get his car plate number. Karma will play its role!


Note that, I'm a bitch and don't mess with me.

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