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Wednesday, January 6

I'm a big fat LOSER!

I finished work at 10.30pm yesterday and reached home at 11pm.
Although its quite late, but i still struggled to read the UNDANG book.
So i read read read till its 1.30am okay.
Its freaking 1.30am in the midnight.
And i have to wake up in the morning to go for the UNDANG test.
So i konged at 1.30am and woke up at 6am just to finish the stupid UNDANG thingy..
And the Mr. Driver picked me up at about 8am..
At first, we went to Puchong driving school. But it was damn full so we changed to a Shah Alam driving school. and that was when the huge mistakes happen and the doom starts!

There were initially 9 of us taking the test today. Then, due to some unknown reasons, only 7 of us left.
So we queued and waited for our turns.
The Mr. Jaga Counter is such an arrogant asshole! I hate him.
Let me tell you, the asshole never look at you when he is talking to you one.
Nvm, even when he wanna snap your pics also he don't look at you. wtf is wrong with him?
Trying to act cool or act pro.. Whatever.

Here comes the best part..
Among the 7 of us, only 2 freaking fellows passed their test!
And their marks was like ngam ngam one! 42/50!
I think the whole computer system is doomed already or they set it with really tough questions.
As for me, i only got 41/50!
1 more to passing scores okay. pfft.
Suez baby got 39/50. haha.
So people, i am warning you.
Don't ever go to this centre to take your undang exam.
Cause you'll never pass or you'll pass miserably!
This centre is located at Shah Alam and the name is

So people, just watch out laah.
Or make sure you really studied edi before you go!
advised from experienced people must follow okay..

Oh, and we made new friends too.
Kiri, Bryan and Leon! haha.
They are real funny people.
And we promised to take the UNDANG test together again. we fail together ma, except bryan.)=
This Saturday! hope we no need to go back to the sucky shop again.
Another RM40 burnt.

I must really study this time already.
50/50 is my aim!
I don't care! keep the fingers crossed.

I Don't Care - 2Ne1.

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