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Sunday, January 10

Screw you, Wong Suey Erz!

Okay, it was a very random title. Haha.
But, really screw you laah.
Ruin my whole plan to get my license ASAP. Haha.

To the blur you, let me tell you what happened.
Today, i was suppose to go for the Undang test again ma. as my previous post said. Then, this morning when the Mr. Driver fetch me already he told me that Suez and I are going to separate places. Me, kapar and she, sentosa. Of course i don't want lo. Cause we already planned to take together one ma. Then, we reach Sentosa at about 10.30 am lo.. As usual, Suez and I will go for breakfast first. Haha. When we went back to the centre, Rilek, we waited for about half an hour. Then, we asked a malay girl who sat beside us. She has been waiting for 2 hours plus since 9.30am. wtf! So we continue to wait lo. Oh, and there was a computer there that allow us to try to do the test. then, we started to play there. At first, we got 46/50. Then, Suez wanna get 50/50. So we keep repeat the test and yeah, until the 6th trial we finally got a full score! HAHAHA. Slack right, what to do, our nature.(:
Then, 15 minutes later, about 2 hours of waiting since we arrived, Mr. Driver called me and say we never get a place. So he asked us to go back. Then, he started to send us back. And asked us to do appointments again. There was a girl in the car who got pissed and banged the car's door loud when she reached home. And Mr. Driver named her Cekodok Basi. LMAO! But, what Mr. Driver say is true also la. He just driver ma. All the bookings should be done by the Driving School's Secretary ma. If she never book the places online we canot blame Mr. Driver one ma right. HAHA.
So, the conclusion is, because I insisted to take with Suez thats why i cannot do my test today. IF only i stayed at Kapar, i definitely can make it today one. LOL. My quote, IF only..
So yeah, screw you Wong Suey Erz for screwing my full-score day. HAHA.
Not to mention if I stayed at Kapar, Maniraj and Sen Chen will be taking with me already. pfft!

And pity Leon, because if he cannot make it today, he must make it tomorrow already cuz he is going back to Negeri Sembilan soon. So, all the best la. HAHA.

p/s: my "Popi Popi" didn't get to be used today. So, keep it for the next time when i am going to take undang again laah. peace!

goodnight people!

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