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Saturday, October 2

wild wild west.

Helluva day again, packed with tuitions.

Anyway, I've got something to share here. And my title has nothing to do with what I'm about to share. I really don't understand why people are so eager to be in a relationship, and ending it after one or two months. Seriously, what the heck is in your brain? If you feel that you cannot be committed in a relationship, then don't do.

After all those lovey dovey moments, you feel so scared to tell the other person that you wanted to end it. After ending it, you feel so annoyed when he/she keeps bugging you. Then you complain that he/she is so introvert that he can't let go just like how you did it. HELLO! It means that he/she cared okay. And he/she really wants to save the relationship.

But, from another point of view, i agree okay. Because i can't take it too when a guy just can't let go. Guys, no point you want to save the relationship when the girl already shows no interest towards you. Boohoo! It means that she's not the right one. Let her go, and search for the right one lah. Why would you wanna act like some fuckers begging and doing all those stupid things just to make her stay? Save some dignity for yourself.

And and, don't hate her just because she don't love you anymore. This just show how childish and dumb you are. If you hate her already, just avoid seeing her. No point you wanna embarrass her in public. That MAYBE will make you feel better, but it totally makes you a jackass.

Alright, i feel so much better now.

Dear readers, this post is not pointed towards anybody. If you feel offended, you may kiss my toes.

new hair dude! =)

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