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Wednesday, April 21

A Roadtrip.

Was planning a roadtrip with Byy!
So this was our plan.
Byy and I must travel oversea together at least once by the age of 21!
At least Singapore or Thailand right..

Since that need plenty of budgets, we're gonna hold it first and make it come true later.
As for now, we need something practical but achievable.
So there,
Malacca roadtrip!!
We planned to go Malacca together by driving ourselves! Weeewiiiitt!
And wee're gonna do it ASAP!
So, whose in?? =)

Btw, my driving test is on 26th April. next monday.

1 comment:

  1. This sent some chills running down my spine. Look what happened on our 21st! HAHAHA.