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Wednesday, April 7

worse than the worst!

What a bad day i have yesterday..
Almost scream out loud.
screw.. screw.. screw...
the ATM Machine!

Yesterday, planned to withdraw money.
So, first..
Check balance first lo.
Next, they ask "would you like to proceed with the next transaction?"
Then, pressed YES lo.
30 seconds passed...
Still processing..
I was like wtf..
Then bent down to check the card hole.
FML, my card stuck there already.
Ask the people there for help.
Stupid shop, ATM spoilt already please put the sign "OUT OF SERVICE" lah.
Oh ya, fuck the MR. KE GAO too.
This is what happened:

me: excuse me, u got anything like a pin? i wanna korek my card out.
shopkeeper: cannot la miss, later the alarm will ring, and police will come.
me: then how about my card? its stuck there.
cursing in my heart already.

and then, comes the MR. KE GAO!

kegao: you got any other card? we try poke in and see how?
me: got got, hold on.

then i passed him the RAKAN MUDA card.
i wonder why i so dumb go listen to him also. Aiks.


suddenly, the whole screen blackout.

me: Uh-oh! what happened?
keep banging the atm machine like hooligan.
kegao: i think your card got eaten already lah, call the customer service and tell Maybank people.
me: you serious ah?
kegao: Ya. Sometimes, my card got eaten too.
passed me back my rakan muda card.


Wtf is wrong with people nowadays.
 So kegao wanna helpwhile you don't know any shit?

what kind of bad luck am i going through..

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