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Wednesday, July 28

the 6B1..

Talking about my class, i really felt ironic. I love it, yet i hate it. Love it because of all the sporting classmates I've got and we definitely get high easily. We only knew each others for 2 months++ but there is already a bond there in us. Hate it because we're too noisy. We even made teacher cry. Next door classes complained tonnes about us. They even say they hate us. But, whatever. I consider that as jealous. Haha. But, sometimes i really feel bad about our class. The first Physics test, only 6 in our class passed, while half of the B2s passed. See the difference now? I felt really bad to know that my class is actually worse than the other Physics class. So calssmates, please buck up and be serious okay? We all wanna have fun inschool, but we've gotta know our limits and whens the right time to do so.

the genius in my class.
Don't you think he look like a Mang Hap from some old kungfu movie?

tiffany darling.

*wished i could be as smart as Ah Soh in his studies. Even half of him is more than enough. I am such a failure.

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