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Tuesday, July 13

ultimate heartbreak!

I can't believe i got two major heartbreak incident in a day.
I'm feeling sad and down.
Firstly, i don't understand, why must you say that you will only go if X go.
What about me?
Does this mean I'm not your friend?
I'm not important?
Okayy, and you're telling that you will go, just that u don't wanna make it look so easy?
Thats why you are giving some stupid conditions that you know is impossible to be done?
Its okay now. I'm not gonna beg you anymore.

And this is majorly disappoinment.
11 years of friendship, which can't be compared with 2 months of friendship.
I texted you today and asked you ro help me keep a place in tuition.
You said okay. In the end, you said that the place is reserved for others.
Did you ever thought of my feelings?
Not only that, when i borrowed phone from you, you said NO.
But when i tell its Y who wanted to borrow, you gave without further questionings.
I seriously don't see the bond in us anymore.
I don't know why.
Perhaps you should ask yourself.

I hate the us now.

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