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Wednesday, June 16

Fact - We are all busy with our own life.

This morning Ching Pei texted me while she's in train to college.
What can i say, i definitely miss this bitch.
Since she came back from NS, we never got to hang out together, personally.
I mean, c'mon.
We used to be super close friend okeh.
Aiks, hope to catch up with her real soon.

Next up, Suey Erz Byy!
I too didn't get to hang out with her for this holiday.
This shouldn't happen okeh.
How could we not hang out for the holiday for even once?

Instead, i hanged out with Sen Chen and an old/new friend for almost everyday!
This old/new friend, i knew him since long time ago, but we hardly talk.
Now, he's like a new best friend to me. Which i can gossip plenty of stuff with him.
Weird right?
Not to mention he fetched me home for 3 consecutive days.

This is so wrong man.

photo credits to Suey Erz.
I miss both of this bitches, like seriously.
And ignore my messy hair.

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