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Saturday, June 12

What now?

Camp Tutti Fratelli is successfully organised!
Well done to all the team.
As you know, the Reunion will be on 12th June 2010.
Hope to see as many as people as possible.

JPA results came out today.
And i actually felt sad.
Because i did not get it.
Whats the point of getting 12As while you get nothing in return?

People said scholarships is to aid poor people?
My friend whose father earns 7-8k a month is getting the scholarship.
Are they considered as poor?
Whatever lah.
People may think i never get the offer thats why I'm condemning it kaokao.
I'm so over it and I'm gonna focus for STPM!
From now on, NOOR SAPURA, you're gonna be my role model.
No more slacking!
And I'm gonna aim the top and be the best!

To the rest of you, buck up or get lost.

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