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Sunday, November 25

Mom's Bday Treat.

Mom's birthday just passed and we (my sis and bro) were all so busy with our lives that we did not manage to celebrate for her. 

Felt guilty. ._.

 So we planned to compensate her with a birthday treat + present.
Just so you know, my momma is not the kind of very adventurous person. 
She dislikes fast foods. 
She dislikes korean foods. 
She dislikes weird foods. LOL

We treated her japanese foods during Mother's Day, so for her birthday we wanted to treat her to something else. Thus we ended up bringing her to Din Tai Fung! Apparently the place is famous for their dumplings! My mom doesn't like us spending too much on her because we are all still students and whatever money that we spent are still hers and dad's. Lol. So, I actually bought this from Living Social with the free credit they gave me! Which means, FREE MEALS :D

The thing with the men in my family is that they are pretty anti-social. They never fancied following us to such outings :/ So, this became a mother-daughters bonding session as well :))


Din Tai Fung, Empire Shopping Gallery.

I'm still a very noob smartphone user because I tend to forget to snap pictures of the food before I eat it. Hence, only a few was captured. That is also because I remembered. LOL.

Sorry if it does not look like foodporn to you. Tried my best.

ze' ever famous dumpling!
The juices inside that flows into your mouth when you bite it, yumssss!

crabmeat dumpling/.

idk what is this called. :/

happy momma.



To you people wanting to enjoy good foods at a cheap price, this is the place you should visit : Living Social :)


Do we look like her? Haha.
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the end.

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