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Friday, November 23

6A1 - Mid Semester Gathering!

Gosh, my entries for November is really too less. Thus, 2 more posts coming up soon! :D
Hopefully I can get it done before Monday :D

So so, I had a one-week mid semester break last week and its a freaking week long!
Of course I have to head back to Klang for some gatherings with all the long-time-no-see faces.
And one of the most important group of people, 6A1!

As klangnites, our style of gathering is of course, MAMAK!
So we had a mamak session on Sunday night. Apparently, the attendance was kinda poor so Soh came up with a plan B! To go swimming on Tuesday! :D

The initial plan was to visit the newly opened i-City Water Park. The funny thing is, we called the i-City management to enquire and they actually told us that we can buy tickets already (so we assume the pool is open to public already lah right?). But on that day when we reached i-City, the fucking pools were still under renovations! Like wtf?! Then the person in charge there actually told us tickets are released for sales only, but the pools will only begin operating from Thursday onwards. MIND YOU, THE FUCKING MANAGEMENT WE CALLED DID NOT CLARIFY IT! PFFT.

And the person in charge on the spot, a china man, told us not to waste our trip there and to go ahead and visit their some sort of scare-museum (like a haunted house) FOR FREE. The man stressed that, if we come some other day, we'll have to pay to enter. When we reach the place, another person in charge there (a bossy bitchy-looking lady) told us we are not allowed to enter. WTF?! Trolled for the second time! I am so pissed that I'm not gonna visit i-City anytime soon. Your management needs to learn to communicate well between departments and save your customer's precious time! 

Left with no choice, we came up with an emergency plan and headed all the way to Sunway Lagoon! Apparently, we are quite desperate for pool at that time. Haha. 

Bah Kut Teh for breakfast!
Klang still have the best BKT! <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
pic cr : Audrey Pang.

Taken in i-City to commemorate how they trolled us -.-

silly friends :)


Audrey is so excited! Hahaha.
*spot Aeroline bus at the back*

Yew Vee looks good here, but I look like crap, hence that face! LOL

into the Scream Park.

Scream Park used to be much more scarier the last time I visited with the KU gangs. I still remember how we all could not finish and took the emergency exit. And all of us end up crying outside cuz we are too scared wtf. Now, they already build all the compartments to separate the ghosts and us. So its a lot less scarier frankly speaking. 

I was disappointed.


Forgot to bring a camera with us. Thus we only have pre-water pictures and post-water pictures.
Epic failed photographer. Haha.

if you notice, there's a pair of new lovebird in the gang.


Last but not least, a group photo! :)

Thank you Soh for planning for the trip and thank you to all the drivers of the day! :)
I appreciate the bond that we made through Form 6.
You guys, 최고예요!

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