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Monday, September 17

Kem Pimpin Siswa.

So this Kem Pimpin Siswa is the annual freshman camp for all USM first year students. I love camping but I gotta say this camp is a total crap, not challenging at all. Perhaps I was spoiled by Kem Tutti Fratelli. Oh wells. 

Fyi, my camp is called Kem Cinta Alam Kelimat (CAK). Funny name, i know. Even the fasi's are funny. There's one named Shelby(who is a boy) but his attitude is totally bitchy. Btw, the facilitator tried to hard to be strict with us and I find it totally stupid. C'mon, we are already university students. Treat us like adult. -.-

This was where the camp was held.
Funny name again.

Basically, this camp is the most redundant shit ever. They serve us 4-5 meals everyday and the amount of calories taken and the amount of calories burnt is inversely proportional :/

But the activity was a lil crazy! They made us go jungle trekking at 2am in the midnight! OMG! Thank god I was the first team, so I'm walking behind the person in charge with a torchlight! One of the team actually got lost! :O And they punish us in the most absurd method ever! UKUR PADANG! They basically ask us to roll across the field, continuously! 

Imagine, they ask us to roll right after meal, for being late to gather at the field! IF YOU'RE LATE, THEN YOU ROLL BITCH! Or they punish us early in the morning for singing Negaraku without semangat! Seriously?! After you made us jungle trekked 2am in the morning and coming back at 5am?!!! So many people got sick and couldn't take breakfast! DERAAAA OMG! Thankfully, no life was lost. That was sarcasm. Lol

But, I did get to know a lot of awesome people! Funny people, serious people, nerds, geeks, lalabengs, lala-lians, you name it, I met him/her. Knowing new friends has always been the best part about going camping! :D

Meet my camp mates ::

Shiau Fen from Kedah!
Damn, she's a football addict!

Btw, the 69 on my sleeves marks the year USM was established. 
What a number, if you know what i mean. HAHA

Kai Diy and Shaun.
Kai Diy is the quiet type that makes u like him for no reason!
He's taken btw. HAHA
Shaun is my coursemate! And he just can't stop smiling -.-

Shiau Fen, Victoria and Cheryl!
From Selangor to Kedah to Sarawak to Malacca!

A pic with the pen. kem kom. 

These are part of the awesome peeps I met.
Pics courtesy of Shiau Fen :)

In case you are a freshman entering USM soon, be prepared for this camp. It is not exactly that tough but I cannot say it will be the same for all as all the first years (approximately 3000+ people) will be separated to different camp sites around Malaysia. Mine happened to be in Perak.

Welcome to USM :) 

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