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Sunday, September 23

The day where everything went wrong.

WARNING : This post is gonna be full of curse words. If you can't take it, please don't read it.

Living outside on your own is difficult. Especially in a place so foreign to you. Everything is new and you have to learn everything all over again.

Yesterday, I got lost in Penang.
I took a bus and ended up in somewhere I didn't know. :(

This was how it happens. 

I was supposed to meet up with Lynne, Apple and Suzen to go Queensbay Mall at 12 noon. But i overslept and they went first. So I was supposed to get a student cab and go Queensbay on my own. 

I had five, five fucking student cab numbers and none of them were available! What the fuck!

So I had no choice but to take the bus. Apple told me to board 304. So I took the RST shuttle all the way to Aman Damai and walked to Sg. Dua's gate. What a luck I thought when I see a 304 bus once I stepped out of the gate. Paid RM1.40 for the fare and I'm good to go. I some more happily texted Lynne that I boarded the bus and will meet up with them real soon.

I was happily looking outside the window and enjoying all the heritage prints Penang has. Usually student cab will take around 20 mins to reach there, so for a bus and considering the bad traffic I estimated for an hour journey. 1h30mins passed. And I still don't fucking see Queensbay Mall. Dafuq?! 

So I went ahead and asked the driver and he said he passed by Queensbay Mall long ago! Trust me when I say my mouth turned to an "O" shape! Then I asked where are we now and he told me Pulau Tikus and is heading to Gurney! Motherf, I had no fucking idea where the fuck is Pulau Tikus! So the driver asked me to get off the bus and go to the opposite road to board back the exact bus to go Queensbay. Which proves to be a fucking wrong decision. Waited for half an hour and all I see is 101 bus. Already so unlucky some more got trolled by the bus driver. Fuck my life -.-

By that time, it was already 3.20pm and they were waiting for me to catch a movie at 3.50pm. Thank god for a thing called cab. I tooked a cab and the driver drove me to Queensbay. Turns out, Pulau Tikus was somewhere near Georgetown (which is fucking far away from USM). Paid fucking RM20 for the cab. Reached Queensbay at 3.45pm and rushed to the cinema to watch Dredd.

My day can't get any worse because that movie sucked! Its all about killing and killing and killing. And the visuals are gross! FUCK.

Met Jun Hau and his girlfriend in Queensbay and had some chit chats. Told him about my miserable experience of taking the wrong bus and he asked, did I crossed the road at Sg. Dua? After he asked that question, Apple snapped and said "Oh ya hor, I forgot to tell you that." Holy shit! Apparently, I was supposed to cross the road to the opposite and board the 304 bus for us to get to Queensbay Mall. The bus that I took earlier had passed Queensbay Mall and is heading to the opposite direction of Queensbay! *facepalm* Thank god I wasn't a cry baby and I wasn't even panic about taking the wrong bus and ended up in some place I don't know. So proud of my calmness wtf!

The conclusion is, it took me 3 hours to get to Queensbay Mall. 讲出来笑死人! -.-

Well, shit happens.

On the brighter note, I know which bus to board to go Gurney/Georgetown now. 

Lesson of the day : Never wake up late when you have an outing plan!

Experience is the best teacher. Explains my situation perfectly.

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