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Thursday, September 20

Uni Life : Week 3

Annyeong readers, I've stepped into the 3rd week of university life.
3rd week away from hometown.
3rd week away from family. (the longest I've been so far)
And everything is fine. :D
No sign of homesickness, still surviving and fighting! :D

I have to admit that my lifestyle is changing. The one thing that was most significant is definitely cloth-washing. Well, call me pampered of whatever you wish, but i don't really wash my clothes when I'm at home. My supermom always does it. So, this is a really huge milestone for me in life. Haha. Well, I can't say the clothes I washed are 100% clean, but then, no sign of foul smell or itchiness while wearing. So, I passed myself! Hehe. The pullback, washing clothes does take a toll on your skin! :/

Thank god I have this amazing hand cream from Body Shop to save me from rough hands! :D

Second significant change will be the people around me. I miss my buddies, my excos, my kehpoh, my Byy, my B! Apparently, the people here are pretty lifeless (or those I'm considered close with so far). No one has a night life, which made me kinda sad. Because I sorta has a lot of freedom now, but the people here are just.. meh. They prefer to stay inside their hostel instead of hanging outside. I can't take this man! Complained to sis and she laughed at me! :(  *no offence yo, if you assume I'm saying about you, too bad cuz I don't give a damn!*

Need to get to know/close to cool people.

How I miss all my sporting asses! :(
yes, you! 

I assume i'm doing a great job taking care of myself so far. Still exploring USM. I hope I'll get to meet some awesome asses soon. 

Thanks for reading.


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