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Friday, September 14

New path.

So, I've been in USM for two weeks now.
First week was all about orientation. And camp.
Orientation was rather boring. 
Its always taklimat, taklimat and more taklimat.
Some taklimat are really informative while most are just to fill in slots to kill time, in my opinion.

And I have to say, those people like vice chancellor(VC) or deputy vice chancellor(TNC) are really trained to talk elaborately. They can talk for hours and I still don't get a single main point they trying to make. Put that aside, because I survived orientation :)

p/s : this orientation is nothing compared to the Form6 one. MPP are much more fiercer than the PPSL! Talk about bad experience. HAHA

Camp was normal only too. I can't expect much because most of the campers are just first year degree students so they are not too fit. Thus, camp was so so only :/ Well, maybe partly its because Tutti's standard is too high and I kinda expected something tougher. Sucks for me.

Week two, lectures started too. I must say I'm pretty thrilled as I did not touch any academic books for the past nine months. Brain is slightly rusty too. Haha. So far, all is well. Most of the lectures are doing an introductory to the course only. Oh btw, I took up korean language! Can't wait to understand what Jiyong oppa is saying! HAHAHA. 

Best part of the timetable, I got no lecture on Friday! So, every Thursday feels like TGIF to me now! WOOHOO

So now, some pictures to share :

the main hall of USM, Dewan Tuanku Syed Putra (DTSP).

top view.

front view.

side view.


My room sucks. Because my roommate sucks. So no picture of that. Fml.


Back to orientation week, the best program through out the orientation is none other than Walkrobik. Every desa (the hostels) actually prepared cheers for the cheers competition and are ready with all the banners, mascots and identities. Too bad it rained, so we had to do it inside the hall. I swear to you our VC is super sporting because we did Gangnam Style for aerobic and he did along too! Where else to find such sporting VC?! HAHAHA. My desa (Restu) won for the best PPSL, but we lost the cheers competition to Tekun! :(

the mascots.

spot all the banners and identities! credits to Chuah Wen Xu...

Its the end of Thursday and my long weekend has officially started. 
I gotta find stuff to do to kill my Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
If only Suez is here :/ 
(or maybe Tan, Kim or Pang.)

Life sucks without some BFFs!
Anyway, I'm an official USM student now.
Hopefully I'll live the next 4 years in peace.

failed attempt on photo editing.
how to score A for Desktop Publising :(( fml.

call me a mahasiswi. LOL



  1. Mahasiswi G-WEN nice pic huh! ;)

    1. TROLOLOL! I look so dark-skinned that you'll thought I'm a malay if you don't see my name! D:

  2. TROLOLOL! I look so dark-skinned that you'll thought I'm a malay if you don't see my name! D:

  3. Your matrix card is dope! HAHAHAHAHA.