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Thursday, September 6

Singapore Trip : Day #2

Day #2 was the best day of the whole trip! 
We spent the whole day in Resort World Sentosa!
Best part of it, is non-other than Universal Studio Singapore!

We were joined by an Indonesian family staying in the same hostel as they don't really know the way to Sentosa. 
Kim is like a gps in Singapore. HAHA

before boarding the monorail. :)

early bird catches the worm!
beautiful sunshine :)

Reached USS 1030am and the queue was long like crazy! :(
Its actually a bad thing because you have to queue like mad to play any ride!
Anyways, we are still very much excited about it!

At Hollywood, ready to explore!

take #2

p/s : the map provided was really helpful in finding your ways to all the rides in USS.

ze' souvenir shop!
damn regret I didn't get anything from USS.
And I came back with SGD80. -.-

The first mascot we saw was..


The workers there were damn cheeky! The female woodpecker actually banged me with his/her butt, continuously! LOL

Next up,

Charlie Chaplin!
This dude really look like the real Charlie Chaplin! #respect

p/s : its a shame and regret that I didn't get to see Marilyn Monroe, my favourite femme fatale icon :(

By this time, we are at New York already. Sesame Street stuffs were everywhere and Suez was uber excited! LOL.

at The Brown Derby.

Next up, to the Sci-Fi City! Thanks to Ardy's recommendation, my first ride was the Transformer and it was epic! Queued for like 20 minutes for the ride. It was considered short already -.-

ready for the thrill?!

while queueing..


second round totally recommended!

Moving on to the roller-coaster!
They have two, the human(red) and the cyclon(blue) ones!
I personally preferred the CYCLON one because its much more scarier than the HUMAN one.
Screamed my lungs out! LOL

After Transformer and roller coasters, we were all very tired and exhausted already! Went back to Hollywood for the biggest pizza everrrr! 

20' pizza! Yums!

 ready to NOM! :D

Due to the big crowd on that day, we decided to get the EXPRESS TICKET!

yeah bitch, express!

Next up, Ancient Egypt!

too ugly, so must censor! LOL

with the pharoahs!
I pity them cuz they have to maintain the few same poses for every people that snapped picture with them.
But hey, hot abs! LOL


#likeaboss! taken by Lawrence.

Went Revenge of the Mummy with the Express Tickets and no queue at all! Feels like VIP and a boss! LOL.

Jurassic Park!

The rides were so so only! During one of the water rides, sat on the same boat with a lady with two children.
Apparently, they are singaporeans enjoying the post national day holiday. Thanks to the lil' boy, he actually told us what's gonna happen at certain part and so on! SO POTONG!
But he damn cute! HAHA

## idk why there is no photo in Far Far Away (Shrek). 
But, the 4D movie was really good. And the seats were too comfortable the made you sleepy too! LOL.

Went back to Jurassic Park for a water show! Damn all those stuntmen and stuntwoman! Cuz they were so amazing! AND HOT TOO!

sat at the Wet Zone! LOL

After the show, it was about 530pm already. So we went back to Sci-Fi city for another round of roller coasters and Transformer! And then, photo time!

Frankly, USS is so beautiful that you can spend the whole day snapping photos there only. But of course, don't be that stupid, go enjoy the rides!



And thus, the end of USS!

group photo is a must! :D

Went for dinner in Malaysian Food Street. LOL! can't live without malaysian taste i guess.

Then, back to monorail station and headed to Sentosa beach. 

Second highlight of the night, 


Took the cable car uphill and took the luge ride down! HAHA.
Apparently, we were quite late as they were closing already. So we only managed to go for one round, BOOHOO :(

tired faces!

my Byy! :D

Then, headed home and called it a night!

must SS in the monorail one. XD

back to MRT station, and did the infamous CheeHong pose! :D



Singapore Day #3 coming soon! 
Thanks for reading :D

p/s : did you guys know that I'm already in Penang? Its been almost a week and I'm doing fine. Orientation sucks but still surviving. Going for camp tomorrow! Hee.
4 more years to go! HAHA. 

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