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Monday, March 18


I remember, this very day last year, it was my STPM result day.
I woke up nervous, worried and scared.
I knew exactly how I did during the papers.
I knew that miracle don't happen all the times.
I got my result and I was disappointed.

My engineering dream was crushed into pieces.
Teachers told me, its still possible to go for engineering courses.
Just don't aim too high.
In the end, I applied for Engineering courses in all my upu application.

Ironically, I'm currently doing Communication in USM.
Because I did not get any offer from upu. Just USM. :)
imagine how devastated I was.
Communication was a course that everyone says I can handle, it suits me and etc.
So I went for it.

3 weeks before enrollment, I applied for a scholarship meant for Communication students and I got it.
This motivates me even more to continue with my choice.
God does not shut your door before opening another one for you!
I believe strongly in this because I experienced it first hand!

This is my story.
To all my juniors out there, no matter how good or how bad you scored, just remember :

Sometimes, scoring 4.00 does not mean that you'll be given the course that you want.
Few cases happened to the 4-flatters in my batch and one actually went to private university.
Sometimes, getting offered a course that you have no gut to say you want in the first place (like my case) might just opens you to other opportunity.
Sometimes, God has already prepare someting BETTER for you.
Be brave, don't doubt yourself.

All you have to do now is to EMBRACE your result. 
What has been done is done. 
You gotta learn to make the best out of it. 
No point sulking over it now.
Start doing research and try to get the best of what you have.
Find alternatives on how you can achieve what you want with what you have (your result).

If you need advice, ring your seniors. 
Ring seniors who are currently in the university you want to apply to.
Ring seniors who scored something similar to you.
Ring seniors regarding anything you need to know.
And just so you know, I'm just a few clicks away. 
Feel free to ask me anything, I'll try my best to help :)

I wish you all the best in your university applications. :D 
Fyi, USM is a beautiful place. Haha

p/s : if your result is good, start looking for scholarships! if your result is average, go figure how to apply for PTPTN! Don't wait, do it now :D

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