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Sunday, March 3

Planet Radio.

I swear, not having a smartphone in university is the worst thing ever to happen to you especially when you're a Communication student. Thanks to some thief, my S3 got stolen and now I'm left with an old school Nokia phone. It has been 10x harder to stay active on social network without a smartphone, let alone taking pictures and updating my blog as frequently. (yes. blame my sis for spoiling the camera during her trip to China). Recalling all these, my life has been pretty pathetic :((

Thus, sorry for the lack of photo. 

As I mentioned above, I am a Communication student. Last Saturday, USM was lucky enough to have few of the famous radio announcers around Malaysia to drop by for an event called, Planet Radio. Truthfully, I'm inspired by so many of their real life stories about how they ended up being radio announcers and not anything else. 

They too gave us a very good picture of how the radio industry works, and what kind of talent they will need in the future. Seriously, not only Communication students can work in this industry. Some of today's radio annoucer, for example, JJ (who's currently on air at RedFm) was an engineering graduate. 

If you think you have what it takes to be a radio announcer, give it a shot! Life is short like that and its all about taking risk! B-Man (what a name right), a radio announcer from Best 104 got his job simply by going for a voice casting! 

It was by far, the best (and by that I meant not boring) event in USM for me! So many radio stations cruisers/ryders/troopers were there giving out goodies! Thank you for the generosity!

my roommate, Lalithaa, got this shirt when they were giving it out on stage! So lucky of her to get a shirt of her size! Or else, I'd have asked her to give it to me. Haha

JJ. Such an awesome guy.

Ryan Dealwis (RD) from Hitz.

and many more..

Not that I wanna sound racist, but fact is fact. When a malay DJ is speaking (Farah Fauzana) the malays cheered the loudest. And when the indian radio announcer legend, Ananda (idk if its right) from THR gave his speech, the indians cheered like mad. I don't really listen to chinese stations, so I kinda cheered for everyone as long as they gave a good speech. Have you ever heard of Cats FM? Because the DJs were quite cool in the forum, so I think it should be a great radio channel. :)

In the end of the day, I learnt a lot from this Planet Radio forum. We shall see where this Communication road will lead me to.. 

I am looking forward for my future. :)


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  2. Haha. One day, I had to collect all my courage to leave my smart phone, so I did at the end. I feel my life is much better without the wasting time stuff. However, about the plant Radio event in USM, I really have make the journey but I reached late heeeee. I want to meet JJ that time which i will do one day.