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Thursday, February 4

just for the sake of updating..

Am not working today. So at least i don't feel that tired, and thus I am here blogging! HAHA
Oh my dear blog, do you have any idea how much i missed you?

Anyway, back to the point.
Today, i was supposed to attend the VAD 43 meeting on House Warming Party. But i was late for half an hour. screw me. And i got to work with a lot of new people like Sue Huey, Hany, Khadeeja, Kiretharan and etc etc...and of course the old team, MEB 08! These people are really some awesome stuff! I loved working with them. And i learned how to change the blog layout! From Khadeeja. Finally! haha.

After the meeting, went on a TRYING SPREE kononnya with Suey Erz at Aeon Bukit Tinggi. LMAO! No doubt, it was super fun! although there are only two of us. Actually, everything turns out to be fun with my baby along!=) no matter what it is. For me, i managed to sapu two tops while Suey Erz was really on a Trying Spree. Fyi, she managed to wear a super nice top from nichii till it became a scuba suit. HAHA. If you had seen it, you will laugh your ass off like what Suey Erz and I did. HAHA. Before i forget, met Ju Ann and her boyfriend. Never did much, just said "Hi". And that was it. Reach home at 630pm. Did not make it for the dance class. FML.

This was a super delayed update, i CUT my hair last week. Did nothing much, just chop about half inch and there was no drastic difference. WTH. I wanna dye my hair! But i don't have the guts! FML again.

And this was my new hair,

told ya, no drastic difference.

CNY is coming. And i haven't got my salary. Can't do much without some penny. This sucks!
Miss Lee, saya mau gaji saya laah!!!

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