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Thursday, February 11


Today I am not working.
So stayed at home. its been quite some time since i stayed home for more than 5 hours except at night. o.O
Because of what?
Because of work lo.
My life is really getting lifeless.
I hardly can think of a topic to blog.
Not to mention i don't have the time sometimes.
My life is turning into a routine.
Work, eat, sleep.
And the cycle goes on and on..
what a shitty life i have.

I am really looking very forward for CNY!
For a hangout with friends.
For a break from my lifeless life.
For all the ANGPAO that are going to come in. =)

Oh, i seriously cannot wait to meet all my NS friends that are coming back for CNY!
I really missed you guys badly.
Especially Kooi Keat, it feels like a few thousand years since i met or hear her voice..

I'm waiting for you, friend.

I shall end this lifeless post with a goodnight kiss, muahh~

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