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Monday, December 21

RC Nite 2009

We Are You-nique!
We made it.
Cantek macam bunga!
RC Nite 2009 was totally awesome.
Pics will do the talks ::

Fyi, its not a carpet. Its made of rice(not cooked one).

Suez and I.

Sheila in her saree.

Suez in her saree.

Aiman, the photographer.

my table, EXCO'08.
Table 109.

Sapura, Wen, and Pei.

Sapura and Wen.

Me, in saree.
I don't really know what it is.LOL
But, i know i am short.

Malay, Indian, Chinese costumes.
One Malaysia, We Are You-nique.

Gosh, i am missing it already.
It was nice to see so many seniors to gather back for such events.
no doubt,
I ♥ RC!
Thanks to everyone that contributed a little of your magic to make RC Nite a grand succes.
And thanks to B-Team 2009 that pull off TWO great performances!

Random pics, during Sir's birthday.(:
I love ya'all.

with love.

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