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Wednesday, December 23

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today i went to SIS's school to help her to finish up her Prefects Board.
when i walk pass a hallway, in front of their PR(prefect room), i saw the words above beautifully written and painted big on the wall. i felt that its nice so i took a picture of it.
in the next second, i totally agreed what that is written.

Leadership is Action not Position.

so to those "SI GILA KUASA"s out there, mark that word.
and remember it.
its not about the position you are holding.
so what if you are not the President of your club or society?
if you are capable, people can still see you through your performances.
every position play an important role to make something successful.
don't try to be LOA and go bodek teachers to get high pose. Idiot.
no offences.
but, siapa makan cili dia terasa pedas lorr.


GOOD LUCK.. PMR candids of year 2009.
tomorrow will be the day.
take a good sleep tonight and be prepared for tomorrow.
i am quite sure that alot of you will be crying your asses off when you see your results no matter its good or bad.
so please drink more water.
just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
goodnights. xoxo

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