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Tuesday, December 29


As my title has said, many of you will think that i am super outdated for watching this awesome movie.

Fyi, this movie is based on a real story.
There really was a ship named TITANIC in the early 1912.
I had watched this movie for countless time.
but everytime i watch it again, it gives me a new idea about life.
People, you should watch it if you think your life sucks.
of course, Leonardo DiCaprio is so so so so charming!
however, he sucks now. maybe cuz he is already old.
(this movie premiered in 1997-12 yrs already!)
good movies should be remembered. haha.
so watch it people.
Learn to appreciate your loved ones,
before its too late.

their love is stronger than everything else..

the classic scene.

If a guy is willing to sacrifice for me like what Jack did to Rose, this guy is worth me dying for.

Btw, great year of 2009 is coming towards its beautiful end.
Every great start will eventually come to an end.
Lets open our arms for a greater year :: 2010!

Countdown to 2010: 3 days.

love you guys. goodnight.

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