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Thursday, October 4

The Star Edu Fund Award Ceremony.

Hello readers! 
Its October already! Its been a month since I left Klang and settle down in Penang!
Wow, this is really the longest time (and still counting) since I've been away from my parents.
Mind you, I did not attend PLKN.

Okay, back to the main topic. I actually went back to Klang on the 25th Sept for a scholarship award presentation ceremony in KLCC. Damn, couldn't make a clean record of not being in Klang for a month. :/
Honestly, the feeling of homecoming is so amazing. Even I wasn't really that homesick, but the feeling of going home still make me full of joy! Can't stop smiling to myself when I was boarding the flight. Silly, I know. :) And it was the first time for me to take a flight alone. Another new experience in life. Heh

Did I mention that I flew with FireFly?! Omg, I tell you they have the best service everrr! Although its not a big flight, but the flight attendants gave the most charming and genuine smiles ever! Not to mention they are also prettier compared to AA's. Ahem.

You know how good FireFly is when they even serve you drink and snack for your one hour (actually its about 45 mins only) flight! No joke! I don't remember AA serving us anything when their price is slightly more expensive! -.-
And I landed in Subang airport, which is so so much more convenient!
So people, fly with FireFly if you're flying domestic flights only! :D

Orange cordial.

Blueberry pie.

Amazingly, the first person that I hug when I got home is not my parents, nor my sister. 


Guess when my sister left for university, the bond between me and my brother really grew.Gotta admit that I missed my silly brother badly. HAHA

Now, a sneak peek of the award ceremony.

the stage.

my slip. 

Guess who I met during the ceremony?!

Yes, she is a Star scholar as well and heck, I was shocked to see her there.
Same goes to her too! HAHAHA.
Both of us were so dumbfounded to see each other there! LOL

Read about this news here, (more like see my face on the newspaper, haha) 

Lastly, I wanna convey my love to my one and only super mom, who accompanied me the whole day despite it was a Tuesday! Now I truly and deeply understands why people say mom's love is the greatest love of all. Totally feeling the love! Especially when I'm living outside now. I'm so sorry for always being rude to you in the past.
Mom, you're the best.

I love you, mom! 

And sister too who have to waste her time picking me up from the airport and sending me back after that. Haha. I have the best sister in the world :D

Can't be any more contented with my life now. :)

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