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Saturday, October 13

The Amazing Grace Expedition.


I am supposed to be researching for my Psychology presentation and read up on some histories regarding communication scholars now. But then, here I am blogging. Guess I'll just do the reading/research later. 
Blog mood is more important than anything else. LOL.

Okay, so the purpose of this blog is to definitely share my experience on participating in Amazing Grace Expedition. Few days before the expedition, I saw some seniors promoting about it in USM Sharing Corner and heck I was so tempted to join because the location is all around Penang Island. Yes, you heard read it right. 

Since the 4 of us, the Klang Comm gang, are famous for being together all the time, so I planned to join the expedition with them Sadly, Lynne's boyf was planning to visit her for that particular week and Apple is going back to Klang! D: Since I got no kaki, I actually cancelled the plan of joining. Sad but true. D:

But then, miracle happened.

Wen Wen came to me and asked me whether I would like to join the expedition! Heck, can you imagine how excited I was?! But there were only 3 of us-Sangkara, Wen Wen and I. Thank god for the amazing organizers that managed to get us another member, Jai Voon!
p/s : the best thing about coming to such event is knowing new and awesome people!

The day came and we were more than ready to rock the whole expedition! Each team is given a piece of map for us to move around Penang Island.

First task, we were given a paper full with pictures of 8 locations all around USM campus. What we have to do is to go to the specific location and snap a picture as a proof. Thankfully, Sang and I explored almost the whole USM so this task was pretty easy for us! Except that all the places are quite far apart and we took some time to move from one to another.

Pusat Sejahtera. LOL
posting the best out of 8 shots.
Go to my FB if you wanna see all of them :)

After completing the first task, time to move to the second location. We were only given a picture and we have to figure the location based on the picture.

this board was the picture given as clue! :)

So the smart us googled the names available on the board and found out the place was Chew Jetty! Well, the place was actually Clan Jetty and the specific location is Chew Jetty. Haha. And our task there is to locate a mural painting on the wall and snap a picture with it.


The third mission, is to go to Fort Cornwallis and look for the station master.

okay this was taken on the way to Fort Cornwallis.
Church Street Pier in Port Weld.
no, we are promoting Church Street pier, not Miss Behave. LOL

Made it to Fort Cornwallis! 
Did you know that Fort Cornwallis was actually built to defend Penang Island back then during the war time?? 

So at this checkpoint, we need to separate ourselves into 2 pairs, carry our partner on our back, run across the basketball field, and finish a slice of bread and a cup of water with our partner on our back and run back to the starting point within the given time. Failed once, passed at the second trial. Hahaha. 
p/s : Wen Wen was light :)

The next task, they made us go to Penang State Museum. Here, we were given questions and we have to find the answers from all the displays around the museum! Mindfucking but damn fun! Haha

mission accomplished! :D

Next up, headed to Esplanade where we saw MPPP building! According to Sangkara, that building used to be Francis Light's mansion back then. Idk if its true or not but it was a stunning building!

saw this on the way to the next checkpoint.
Gotta serve them for 4 yrs. LOL

The next checkpoint was a chinese temple and we were made to write calligraphy there. Worst part, 3 of us were bananas and only 1 was chinese-educated. :O Thank god I can read some chapalang chinese and we made it through! Hahaha.

And the next stop was at Little India street. We were made to find the clue hidden along the street (which is not short) and the clue was a small piece of paper only! But still, thanks to Jai Voon's eagle eyes we made it! :D

Now comes the fun part.

At the next stop, we were required to head to Armenian Street to snap pictures of ourselves with all the mural painting on the wall. Walked for half an hour to Armenian Street and damn, all the mural paintings were fucking awesome! So many people were queuing to snap picture there by the way!

Saw this along the way and it reminds me of my Yap friends! LOL

Don't mess with the LIMs.

The next stop, we have to buy a bowl of ice kacang and a bowl of cendol, from the most famous stall in Penang, and finish it within the time limit which is 1 minute! This was kinda crazy because I personally think its impossible! In the end, we failed and was made to halt for 15 minutes as penalty! In the end, I bought another bowl of cendol and enjoyed it slowly during the 15 minutes wait. Haha.

p/s : I totally felt Running Man's pain when they have to redo a checkpoint regarding foods. It was pretty torturous.

After the 15 minutes halt, the next task for us was to find the mystery man in 1st Avenue Mall with the given clue : blue shirt, long jeans, with the word "AGE" written under his chin. This was hard because we barely recognize all the organizers. To make it harder, there were few organizers that dressed exactly the same to confused us! Still, we made it through! Haha.

Then, the next destination was Batu Ferringhi!
And that was the pit stop for the day. 
We were the first team to arrive :)

Settled down, showered and enjoyed the sunset by the beach side :)

because this shot is awesome,

so a nearer one! HAHAHA

The next day, they made it like Amazing Race where the first team to arrive the previous day is given the privilege to depart earlier. :D So, we headed off and the first destination was Persiaran Gurney. Made to dance to Gangnam Style in the middle of the roundabout! Gosh, so proud of my teammate :')

The weather was pretty bad considering that it rained heavily, then stop, then rain again. -.-

And next was Kek Lok Si Temple! I personally was pretty disappointed here. :( Because of some miscommunications, my team spent almost 2 hours here looking for the station master. Considering the bad weather as well, it really did kill our spirit. In the end, we were chased up by all the other team and lost the lead. :(

the big statue of Goddess Guan Yin.

we were tired of searching, hence, a picture. :D

So the Kek Lok Si checkpoint actually let us pick our tools (by drawing numbers representing certain cutleries) and then head downhill to have a bowl of assam laksa. LOL. 

After that, headed to Penang Hill.

look at the gloomy sky :(

Went to the top and overviewed the whole Penang Island. Picturesque. 
I tried to snap a picture of it but it was too foggy for a nice view of Penang. :/

mist everywhere.

Guess a few songs here and then we are done!
We ended up in the 3rd place! 
Good enough! :D

conquered Penang Hill! :D

Wen and Wen. :D

Thus, the end of the race.

While waiting for other teams to arrive, Grace ( the henna expert) did a henna on my hand!

work in progress :)

the outcome! :D

my coursemates! :D

Honestly, this was truly an amazing expedition. Within the span of two days, I managed to step foot all around Penang Island for Penang's famous heritage, foods and everything! Not to mention I managed to know a bunch of new and awesome seniors/friends, from Andrew to Eunice to Jo Yee to Jai Voon and many many more. :D

Thanks for the awesome experience. ♥


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