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Wednesday, January 1

Happy 2014.

New year, new me? 
Ain't nobody got time for that.

I will still be me. 
The girl that curses. 
The girl that acts like a guy. 
The girl who don't give a fuck. 
Wanna be friends? :))

Last two years started rather badly for me. You can read about it here. Still too soon to say 2014 started well but at least it started fun. I'm not hoping for 2014 to be great, because I am going to make it amazing, in my way! After all, I'm turning 22 this year. 
Old, I know :(

New year resolution?
Heck, I don't even have any last year. 
No expectation, no disappointment? Lol.

I just want to live well without letting my parents worry and be able to do/achieve what I want! Mind you this is not a new year resolution, more like a lifelong resolution. 

2013 has taught me to never hold back. Go for whatever you desire and when you put in the effort/determination, nothing is impossible. This year, I'm going to be bolder, stronger. I will learn to love myself more. It's about time right? Lol. 

So, happy 2014 folks! Thanks for still reading my not-so-glamorous blog. I certainly hope to blog more this year, which means, more happenings (and more exciting new experiences) hopefully :)

I wish you a splendid beginning and all the best for the new year. Here we go, the 12-month cycle all over again :)

Happy January!

By hooks or by crooks, I will make my dreams come true. 
Life planning starts now.

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