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Monday, December 16

What Happened in November.

I hate the fact that I don't blog enough.
I hate the fact that my blog is always half dead.
I hate the fact that I don't have much interesting stuffs to blog. Yeah, life has always been boring.

But to you reading this right now, thank you for coming back.
Thank you for still reading my half dead blog! 
I'm beyond touched. :')

Seriously, recently my life has been revolving around assignments, assignments and more assignments only. So yeah, I even experienced going to the library everyday for one whole week just to finish my assignments. Lecturer gives assignment after assignment as if we got nothing better to do. -.- Life this semester is miserable like that. :( This is only Year 2. Can't imagine/ don't want to imagine about Year 3 or FYP. Haih.

But, amidst all these crazy assignment loads, I'm thankful I managed to dig (very hard) for something to blog. Haha. Pathetic but don't judge me lah.

Although I am busy, very thankful to Brendan for forcing me to go for debate tournaments. Learned alot. And gained alot. I'm happy the debate family grew so close to each other :) Picture taken after WUPID tournament. 
(pls notice Ben, second from the left although he is too dark to be noticed haha)

haha only God knows what went wrong in me until I chose Modern Dance as ko-k this sem. (must be Ferlynne's advice) Surprisingly, it turned out fun and now I cannot explain how phobic I am with Bruno Mars' voice/song. 

first Jazz Band concert. Sorry but I'm the rave party kind of person.
*cues Tiesto*

nevertheless I enjoyed it! Kudos to my friends who performed! 
People who can play musical instrument(s) are so sexy!

Future boyf, please be someone who can play instrument(s). Heh

My bimbo moment. Oops.

Pesta Hoki was one of the highlight this semester.
Can u imagine a bunch of people going to Rapid Penang's depot in the middle of the night to install advertisements? 
Yeap, that's us!

As usual, the selfie with Tiffinny! :D
Duck lips ftw! *sorry not sorry*

Thank you representatives from NP3 and thank you my PR team! :D

Feels amazing to have my 08s reunite once again to do this! Everyone is on a different path  in life (and in different part of the world) now, but I'm sure the 08 spirit is still there in each and everyone of us! I miss you guys so bad!

This actually happened in December for Pesta Hoki's dinner! Haha. Wearing saree has been a great experience. But the process of tying it was hell! Thank you my roommate for helping me with it. U made me look gorgeous that night! 
[taken before the saree was properly tied]

Meet my roommate! We have a love-hate relationship. Hate most of the time. Lol

That night. This sem very sad, cuz not much occasion to dress up. Lol
Attention whore alert.

PR teamku yang awesome dan syok sendiri. Pesta Hoki was fun because of you guys! :D

This photo is posted in the honour of my B! Hahaha. 
B if you're reading this, do you miss your BB? Hahahahaha.

Time flies so fast its already December. Can't wait for this semester to be over. 

2013 has been a great year so far. Please be awesome till the very end. 

Till then, 

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