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Tuesday, January 7

Looking back..

At the age of 21, I had quite a rough and rebellious teenage years.

My parents are always worried about me. Puberty and the so-called teenage fantasies hit me hard. I did most kinds of silly things a teenage girl shouldn't do! Thinking back about it, its really silly and childish. But hey, its true when people say "at the end of the day, you only regret the chances you didn't take". Now I can proudly look back and laugh at my old self while recalling how far I've come in life. I am considered lucky because I had a super amazing and awesome sister to guide me back to normalcy(?) I guess. She is the most rational and inspiring person in my life. Like the spark of light at the end of tunnel :)

Hence, hands down the person I'm most grateful to has to be my sister, Sor Yeung. She is the reason why I'm doing what I'm doing now. Living my life. :)

Yes, we do silly things together like flexing! Haha

 Leaving home to pursue my tertiary education, I realized the importance of family ties! Because at the end of the day, they are the one that got your back and will never turn their backs against you. Thank god for DiGi that kept us connected 300+km away from each other.

Remember last year when I lost my smartphone due to theft and I was stranded all alone in Penang, away from my family in Klang. My sister was the one that came to my rescue. Although she wasn't present physically, she did her best to help me out via every possible routes (senior friends, fb, etc). Heck even my iDiGi Plan now is subscribed under her name, as a replacement for my lost phone :') And now, I'm happily connected to my family members. Talking to them over the phone, especially my sister, has been a routine and I'm thankful for the super low rate that comes with DiGi Plan.

First picture from new smartphone dedicated to her 

DiGi even comes with such a cute/informative paper bag! 

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