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Friday, January 17

2013 in a nutshell.

I'm rather impressed with bloggers sorting out their happenings in 2013 so systematically and accordingly to timeline. I tried.

But obviously I failed. So what I did was to look through the photos and recall what happened to me in 2013. Since I won't be able to do it in a timeline style, I'm just gonna group it according to similarity. Honestly, 2013 has been quite a roller coaster ride (read in Taeyang's Ringa Linga tone haha) to me. There were ups and there were downs. I grow so much as a person in the span of 12 months and I'm grateful for who I am today. :)

Lets begin:

#1: Korea

Travelling to Korea is definitely the best thing that happened in 2013. I threw my worries away and applied for International Summer Session in Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea. The time spent there passed by just like that and as much as I miss home when I'm there, I miss the time there so badly right now. The friendships made are simply priceless. The experience is even more priceless. If you ever have a chance to go for exchange programme, never think twice and just go for it. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

Learning about a culture and experiencing about a culture is two totally different thing and the latter is so much more fun!

Friends from Australia, China, US, Canada, Indonesia and Korea..

This is my family in Korea. My unnie, ahbeoji and eomeoni. Despite the language barrier (although I speak a little bit of basic Koreans), they gave me the best hospitality and cook me the best homecooked korean meals. No kimchi can beat my eomeoni's kimchi and it's definitely something I miss dearly!

#2 First times

So I cropped some t-shirts for the first time. The outcome was not too bad. Haha.
Credits to Suey Erz for lending a hand.

Cooked my first korean dish, korean pancake (buchimgae) during International Gala Week.

Attended first university prom. 

First BFF trip. Destination -> Seoul, Korea!
This woman will always be a part of my life no matter what happens to us in the future. She left a deep, memorable print. :)

Attended first non-family related friend's wedding dinner. Well, I can't say I hit the age where people around me are getting married but being invited like an adult definitely makes me feel old. Hahaha. 

Travelled to the Borneo part of Malaysia. Hahaha. Sorry for being a failed Malaysian but I sincerely love Kuching! The foods especially :p

Attended first Jazz Band concert. Not my kind of thing but it is definitely a worthy experience 
(at least now I know I don't like jazz haha).

#3 The Traditional Experience

Lol 2013 was a fun year where I really get to experience a lot of different cultures. Traditional costume plays a big role in a culture and I basically hate all of them although they look pretty. Restricted movements (especially for rude girl like me) is not cool. Boo



(can't stop lol-ing at this picture because of the pose, don't laugh at me .__. )

#4 Twenty One

Yes, I turned 21 and no, I did not throw a big birthday bash to celebrate me getting older. Hahaha. Reason: 돈이 없어. Lol. Well, I think I spent a large sum of money travelling in Korea for 5 weeks so lets just not waste the money (buying foods for people) before my sister/brother complains about my parents being unfair. Sending me to Korea was the best 21st birthday gift already! Nevertheless, I'm very thankful for a bunch of very very dear friends who celebrated for me. You guys are the best! :')

Went for blood donation during my birthday. 
The best gift is to give, they say. 

#5 Fitness Journey

In 2013, I decided to stop hating and start loving my body. Loving me for who I am, and taking one step at a time. There is no such thing as shortcut in fitness journey and you'll never achieve the so-called "dream body" because when you achieved it, you will desire for more. I accept that I will always be a work in progress and this is a lifestyle, not a diet. Exercise to get fit, not thin/slim/sexy or whatever. Nuff said. Unless you are aiming to join bikini or bodybuilding competition.

Transformation throughout March-September 2013.

When you decide to commit, that's when you reap what you sow.
Two words, dedication and determination.
(i know you are secretly judging me lol)

You don't need a long time to see physical change when you are disciplined enough :))
(pardon that muffin top of mine, its going off real soon)

Tips: Always always always take picture of yourself in your fitness journey. Be amazed by what you are capable of changing! 

Running/sprinting is my passion. And when you love something enough, result will come.
My first medal in USM.

#6 Debate

Just in case you didn't know, I join the USM English Debate team and my university life has been so much more phenomenal. My initial intention was to train myself to speak more confidently in public. Little did I know that debate could be so much fun, despite stressful sometimes. This amazing part of my university life has brought me to so many places. Thanks to debate, I visited UiTM Pulau Pinang, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, Universiti Putra Malaysia and Universiti Teknologi Petronas all in the span of a year. Besides the opportunity of travelling, you get to meet crazy good speakers from around the country too! I'm looking forward to another debateful year ahead ;)

First debate tournament, Penang Debate Open, with Ben and Shumie.

#7 Of Nuffnang and ChurpChurp

My new year (2013) kicked off with the Nuffnang Skytrex Adventure. Met amazing bloggers and amazing nuffies and realised how cool this community is and I'm loving every bit of it! Can't remember how many premiere screenings I attended in 2013 but there is at least 5! Studying in Penang sucks at times especially when Nuffnang decides to organize cool happenings in Klang Valley. Missed the Birthday Bash and I'm sad :(

Glad I made it for Nuffnang Food Fest in October. Read more about NNFoodFest here

Tweet to eat -> tweat.

Won a churpie plushie from ChurpChurp during the Merdeka tweet contest :)

#8 Of Big Bang..

The life of a fangirl..

Sincerely thankful for VIP coursemate, Mii Chell, that brought me along to catch the screening of Big Bang Alive Galaxy World Tour in cinema. And thanks Aivin for letting me know that it is available in Penang :))

Visited YG Entertainment! Lol this is like the Mecca for all VIPs. Met ( I mean SAW) GD, Minzy and Hwangssabu. And a few Hi-Tech dancers. Haha

(p/s: pre-ordered the latest crownstick and can't wait to get it! Thanks Suzanne for the help)

#9 Friends and Happenings

CNY house visiting is now like a tradition and it keeps us connected and updated about each other. Love love love you guys, the best classmates ever :D 
Can't wait for CNY gathering this year.

Knew Tiqa from International Summer Session and she graduated last year. She was the best girlfriend you can talk anything to. She basically respond to everything and is a good companion in every situation :) Love you Tiqa! 

The perks of being a communication student? Haha. Planet Radio was held in USM and was attended by a list of well-known DJs like Lil Kev, JJ, RD, Halim, Fafau and many many more.. Honoured to listen to their stories of success behind the airwave and I am inspired :)

Peter, from a stranger to best friend in the span of one month. He is my most favorite guy friend (after Sen Chen)! Hahaha

Everyone meet my excos. They are the definition of brothers/sisters from another mother. Everyone is on a different path in life but we gather occasionally during festivals (this picture was taken during Hari Raya) just to keep the malaysian spirits in us wtf hahaha. What is racism? Tsk.

This buddy, the future doctor, whom I only have the honour to meet once a year. Oi, cepat grad dan balik okay! Nak pergi kenduri kahwin you dah haha :D

I might not be a kind person but I do good deed once in a while. Gotong-royong to clean up my school. Haha

After abstaining from saloon for 1.5 years, I chopped my hair into the right picture. That took a lot of courage okay. Current hair looks like grass though. Hence, no picture :x

Readers (who are still reading), you made it to the end of my summary. Towards the end of the year, my semester stuck me up so bad I was so busy that all I did was attend lectures, attend meetings, debate trainings and assignments assignments assignments. This semester is currently the toughest semester ever and I hope no more coming semesters will be like this! I'm able to blog this after my final exam has ended when I finally had the chance to take a good, real, quality rest. Hence, this post! 

Thanks for reading.

2013 has been great. I'm looking forward to make 2014 awesome.
Cheers to all the good things ahead :)