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Saturday, April 19

How is it going, bro/sis?

How long has it been?

Blogging has been therapeutic to me all this while. While I was being sucked into a vortex called university, life has been really really hectic. So it is really hard at times to find time to really sit down and write a good blog post. 

Today, the feeling came. :)

I'm still very much drowning in the sea of assignments, juggling between debates, activities and lectures, but the feeling is right today. Hi, how have you been, my dear reader(s)? :)) I kinda lost touch with the blogosphere for a little few months (and I guess this will continue for a little more while) but I will try to update a little bit here and there as time goes by. 

So many reviews to write but with the procastinating nature, I'd have forgotten most of the details already by now. Guess I should just stick to random updates when the mood kicks in! What do you think?

I've done so much in the past few months but pictures are very minimal but still I guess people rather see pictures than reading more craps right? So here you go::

Concluded my second year first semester (not with flying colours). Just glad its finally over and I get to go home to celebrate CNY! Haha

Best friend's 22nd birthday! So blessed to have you in my life, Suey Erz! She is the kind of girl you can count on with almost any problem! Love you 

With the gang 

February has gotta be the most happening month thus far in 2014 because it was during the semester break! Haha. Had so much fun meeting and catching up with old friends, best friends, classmates and cousins!

CNY started with a kiss for the greatest mom ever!
It's so silly when I look back and see how rebellious I was during my teenage years, picking fights with mom whenever about whatever. Right now, I love her more than anything! Staying away from family does make you mature and realize what family really means!

At grandma's. 

Le siblings on CNY Day 1!

Le siblings on CNY Day 2!

Attempt for an OOTD.
Dress from phatculture, mad love for their pieces!

House visiting with sister's best friends. Hehe

CNY Day ilostcount.
Dress from phatculture :)

CNY gathering with Form 6 classmates.
Picture courtesy of Jintzen.

CNY gathering with secondary classmates.

Decided to be adventurous and hence, waterfall trip with le exco!

Beautiful nature at Chiling Waterfall! 
The climb uphill to the highest waterfall was so worth it!

The long-time-no-see people!

Celebrated Kiri's birthday with some of my favorite people. 
Happy 22nd Valentine's boy!

My secondary best friend is getting married!

Hence, more catch up(s) with the secondary friends during her bachelorette party.

The bitching partner in KU. Hehehe

Happy marriage to you both! 
Have a blessed married life, Boon Wee and Jolene!

Semester break ended and I came back to Penang!
Visited the Penang's second link, Jambatan Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, before it was opened to public!

Le coursemates.

Field trip for LAK 300 class! 
저는 한복을 입었어 행복해요! 

USM suddenly had a (super short) spring season with flowers blooming everywhere! Hence, this lovely meadow near School of Social Science!

Thanks, our dedicated photographers! :D

Went for MoEC Debate tournament and we broke into quarter finals. Second break for USM team since Gender's Debate! So proud of Benedict for scoring a spot in the Top 10 speakers!

Le awesome teammates!

The USM comrades! Hahaha

Next up, Royal's Debate in UMS, Sabah! 

But first, 
This will be my life for the next few weeks! 
Assignments, presentations, meetings.

Pfft. I pray for strength and determination to go through this semester well. So far, this semester is not as bad as last semester so it is still bearable. Let's nail all the assignments! And exam..


Dear blog, I (truly) missed you.
So happy I'm actually blogging again! Let's keep this momentum going!

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