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Friday, May 30

Communication Gala Night 2014: Le Royale Rouge

Sem 4 is coming to an end! All that's left is final exam. But first, let me update my blog!

Another academic session has gone by and seniors are graduating. Happy for them but sad at the same time. Next year, I'm gonna be the most senior batch in my school. How time flies seriously.. So as the usual tradition, there will be an annual event (IMPACT WEEK) made dedicated to seniors to showcase all their final year projects (FYP). At the end of the event, will be a gala night (similar to prom) to award them as well as farewell.

First off, I'm in Impact Week's organizing committee. I admit I did not commit 100% to this project partly because I feel the top committees are not doing a very good job and they are definitely not efficient. At all. But hey, I still did my part until the end okayyy.

Worse part is when the lecturer in charge of your department is shit as well! Gosh, I pity my department head who was made to deal with the lecturer's shit. Like seriously, how could you ask student to do your work -.- 

Secondly, I'm not in the gala night committee. But then, thanks to some irresponsible assholes who ditched the event, I picked up this shit. It is only because Elaine asked for help and I'm giving her and Sangkara some friendship face. And of course also for the sake of seniors. They were so excited about the gala night and I don't want them to graduate with a bad farewell night!

All in all, the night went on well enough for a super last minute preparation and whatnots. I guess this is what we call a blessing in disguise because now you actually know who you CAN count on and who you CANNOT count on among your coursemates.

Stayed up the whole night to prepare doorgifts, MC scripts and etc.
Almost lost my phone under the heavy pouring midnight rain -.-

Preparations ended at 630pm so lets get the show started!
Last minute outfit combo. Haha

Sangkara who had to carry the MC job. 
Klang pride! :D 

Finally able to breathe normally and  take some selfie after 9pm when EVERYTHING was sorted out.
*wipes tears and sweats*
we ugly but we don't care.

Mary! Thanks for always giving me your notes.
So gonna miss you! T.T

 Thanks Xsu Ting for always guiding me here and there and for being my neighbour. 

Thanks Yun Chin for taking care of me and.. 

Thanks Hadi for all the technical guidance when it comes to video production!

Saddest part, didn't even get to take a picture with the photo booth. T.T

Thanks girls for willingly jumping into this supposedly sinking boat with me! T.T 
Touched beyond words.


Glad to have these crazy girls in my journey as an undergraduate. 
Adventure in USM, Penang continues..

Drama in Communication School continues too.. -.-


  1. i am happy to see my pic in your blog... like... FINALLY! haha after 2 yrs although i look totally siaopo in it hehe~

  2. Just realized I was featured in your blog! And I was the one who helped and successfully found your phone! #theoneucancounton