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Friday, October 11

Of NNFoodFest!

"NNFoodFest was such a fun event! This has got to be one of the best happenings in 2013!"

Hello readers! So I went back to Klang Valley last week for Nine Emperor prayers. Coincidentally, NNFoodFest is just a day after! This perfect timing was planned months back as soon as NNFoodFest was announced! I was so excited about it since its the first of its kind event.

Time flies and I really cannot believe its over already! NNFoodFest withdrawal symptom kaokao! :'(
As of now, let pictures do some talking ::

Thanks Suzanne for picking me up and bringing me along to collect Churpie plushie right after I arrive in Sunway :))

I swear I felt like a superwoman because I was in bus for 5 hours from Penang to Sunway, then 1.5 hours from Sunway to Nuffnang's office then back to Klang and another 4 hours from Klang all the way to Ampang and back again! Sore butt.

That night of welcoming the arrival of the Nine Emperor's Festival.

Reached home at 1am and got up (not so early) the next day to prepare for NNFoodFest! Thank god the event wasn't early in the morning!
Sis was dead tired. Thanks for (still) accompanying us :D

We were so early because we were damn ganjiong about the parking in Sunway Pyramid lol

Date of the day : Suzanne (and sis heh)

NNFoodFest where you tweet and eat - tw(eat)!
I am vegetarian for 10 days because of the Nine Emperor Festival, hence there were alot of foods that I didn't get to taste (yes, it was a regret) but nevertheless, I had loads of fun and I still got full from all the desserts and snacks! Omnomnom.

Let the feast begin!

Some of the vendors at NNFoodFest (which I visited) :

Royal Post serves coffee, cheesecake and macaroons.

Weird ice-cream flavours from Cielo Dolci.

Couldn't taste the Brilliant Nasi Lemak so they served us dessert instead!
Yums. :)

Juiceworks was there too!

Nbrew's nitrogen ice-cream!

Macaroons from Lifetime (Astro).

Crazy Potato's fries!
The wasabi flavoured one was crazily good!

Vinegplus's fruit vinegar to clean the bowel after a few hours of feasting.

There were alot more vendors which I didn't get to try because either they serve meat, or I was too full to eat anymore. And there were a lot that I forgot to snap pic because its too delicious to not eat it right away! My biggest regret has to be not being able to taste mini burgers, Nando's, bagua and the Thai foods! 

Thank you Utoospowerbank and Nuffnang for the free power bank! :D
(p/s : only at Nuffnang you get free foods and free gift! I am a very proud Nuffnanger :D)

Crowd of the day!

Foods aside, the highlight of the day has got to be meeting this couple!
Audrey (fourfeetnine) and Timothy!
So honored to have a picture with this inspiring couple!

Mr.Good Guy! 
Cannot deny the fact that Timothy sets the bar of being a good husband/boyfriend too bloody damn high!

Followed the itinerary of NNFoodFest as we did woke up early for our morning workout the next day!

If you missed this event, I'm really sorry to tell you that you missed one of the best event in 2013!
Let's hope Nuffnang will organize another Food Fest in the future! ;)

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