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Saturday, January 1

2011 : My resolutions!

Holla chica!
Happy New Year again.

We've stepped into 2011 officially.
Of course, my resolutions are out too.

1. say NO to procastination. to all those unsupportive friends out there, I don't need you to crap any bullshit in front of moi. Just stay away from moi! ya dig?
2. say NO to skipping tuition classes.
3. say NO to sleeping in class. its hard, but i'm gonna make it!
4. say NO to hangout for no reasons.
5. say NO to Facebook! *checked!*
6. I will be updating my blog TWICE the maximum for a week.
7. Must finish all homeworks.

And etceterea etcetera.. More to come as time passes by.

Some may sound ridiculous or impossible for someone like me.
But hey, I'm telling you, I want, and will make it!
And I'm more ready than ever for school now.

My first determination for 4 FLAT ::

As Byy said, "FOUR FLAT YO!"
To all Form Sixers out there, have faith! Because we're gonna make it through!

Countdown back to school :: 2 days!

fuck yeah,
Sor Wen.

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