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Saturday, January 8

School : Week 1

And today, is officially the end of the first week of school. Everything was absolutely normal, except that we are now officially the OLDEST most senior students in the whole school. The sad part, my class was used for some shooting purpose and now we had to study in our former class, which is dull.

As expected, I'm sitting with Siew Lye at the first place. And dammnn! Teachers love to look at my messy works, not to mention its incomplete! Fml

And shit happens. Everyone knows this fact right.. I'm not very happy though. With everything that is going on. Something seems not right. But i don't know what.. Is it too late already for me to change? Anyhow, i totally believe that first impression is hard to overcome. whateverr!

And i totally hate myself for keep dozing off during the Physics period. For god sake, i tried so hard to pay attention and not to fall asleep, still, the teacher's voice is so hypnotic to me! I just can't seem to open my eyes big and focus. *first phailed resolution! cries!

And i miss Pn. Norma so much now! Eventhough she is lazy, but at least she teaches way better than my PA 2 teacher now. Ughh, i know is shouldn't brag about teachers here, but i just can't help. Because she sucks far over my limit!

Pn. Azwin is no longer teaching me MUET! so sad right. Hopefully the new teacher will be better, not the other way round!

And damn! Temasya Olahraga is in July! WTF!
By that time i should be preparing for trials already, not practise running duhh..

Finally, yesterday we went to KP for lunch before our tuition class. Even KP has upgraded their parking system ::

TADAA!! Its no longer paying by inserting shillings into the machine! But you have to pay at an autopay station before exiting. Still, their parking tickets damn low standard lahh. Only a piece of stamped card.

Summary of the first week,

Everything is normal, which is good. And I love the fact that some other classmates started to better attentions like me too! peace. Badminton club is getting busy. Prefect board is getting shitty. Studies are going steady. And that shall sum up my first schooling week.

Cheers, readers!

p/s : Ah Jing! Mana my newspaper! ELS damn lousy horr. First week over already still haven't send me my newspaper. Didn't even update me when ya'all gonna start giving or is it unavailable already. i'm still waiting...

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