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Sunday, January 23

CNY shopping.

Today is actually my 3rd CNY shopping already. Ching Pei became driver of the day and her parking skill still haven't pass. LOL. And i totally miss Ching Pei and Leong Chin. Hanging out with them have never been this awesome. Simple and sweet. I finally completed my CNY shopping list!

Cardigan *checked.
Skinny *checked.
Checkered tee *checked.
Polo tee *checked.
Flats *checked.
Floral skirt *checked.

I can't wait for CNY to come now.. Teehee!

After shopping, we had a little chat session at Gasoline. Its been a long time since we sat down and chatted like nobody's business. I super love the service at Gasoline. Their waitresses are super friendly and welcoming. And the environment there was superb! No one was hungry so we never ordered food, just drinks. And i ordered Chocolate Shake. It was okay only, too sweet actually. Don't really like it. Not only that, since CNY is around the corner, they actually gave us free red packet. The weird part is, its green. According to Leong Chin, it became "Chi-Pow" instead of "Angpow". hahahaha. Still, its damn adorable lah.

Chocolate Shake.

the "Chi-Pow".


Am counting down for CNY already.

What about you?

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