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Monday, December 27

ze' primary outing.

Today was the day.
We finally get to gather and had some fun.
I did not snap much photos.
So, enjoy ::

shirt of the day.
Gift from Uncle Jacky.

The outing featuring ::

SenChen the B.

Ciuyi the youngest sista.

SueWen the siaopoh.

and SueWen's boyfie.
(this photo was by SenChen, PHAILED!)

As the singing-lover, the venue of our outing was at Neway, Centro. Okay, Centro was super creepy when the shops had not opened. Well, it was cheap. Only RM10++ per person. thanks to weiting's member card. And and, the drinks had some fillings which was horrible! It was not that bad actually, but when you bite it, yucks! try it if you had the chance.

the not nice thing.
ignore the face. haha

Some not-so-good incident happened in between. Well, will not elaborate it here. We ended up at SueWen's house to have a chat. It was way funner than singing at Neway. And we played Taboo too. It was awesome!! Shall visit her house another time! Haha. SueWen and Ciuyi formed a team while SenChen and I form the other. Guess who lose? lol

our end score.

Overall, it is a superb outing. Getting to meet them after a long time and update about each other's life. They simply are the gang that i can blend in just like that and gossip for non-stop! I just love them to the max!
SK (2) Jalan Batu Tiga rocks lah!

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