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Monday, December 20

Kumon Christmas Partay 2010!

Its Christmas month!
And thus, celebration is everywhere!

So, it was a Friday where Kumon is usually packed with students.
After a hectic moment, the teachers and ex-teachers settled down to have a mini party.

some of the teachers.

the English department.

It was a really simple party.
The teachers divided themselves into 4 groups and played some team games.
Team 1 got 1st place while Team 4 got 2nd place.
Team 2 and Team 3 have the same score, so they have to PK.
In the end, Team 2 won.
Which means, Team 3 is in the last place.

team 4! we rock.
(melissa sesat-ed behind)

We actually had 5 mini tupperware bottles- 2 orange, 2 yellow and 1 pink. So, Su Yin and Charmaine took the yellows while Sor Wen took the orange one. So, there left a pink and orange one for Boon Seong and Kai Chern. Boon Seong was swift enough to grab the orange one which left Kai Chern with the pink one. HAHAHA. Better luck next time, Kai Chern.

Team 3, doing performance for the PK.
Boohoo, they lost.

rose from plasticine.
By Charmaine.

And snowman from plasticine.
By, Yuet Sum and Yuet Ling?

Then, we had a small feast.
Miss Lee was kind enough to order some foods from caterers just for that evening.
After that, it was gift exchange moment.
Mua got present #13!

a sneak peek of mua's pressie.

tadaa! a box of chocolate.

Team 4 won a hamper and it was full of foods.
Now, even the pressie i got is a box chocolate.
How to diet lah, you tell me.

I would like to end this post with a picture of Kumon staffs.

they rock!

p/s: whoever who got my pressie (present #16), i hope you like it.

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