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Friday, December 24

RC Nite 2010 ;

 And so, the long-waited post..
I've been wanting to blog about this, but apparently i need some time to compile all the photos and edit it.
Thus, I'll like to start this post with a photo of mua! =)

yours truly.

Something i really like about the night :: 

handmade corsages by Sue Huey is ♥!
but mine spoiled already. =( 

Speaking about the day, it was early in the morning when we were required to gather at hall for the final preparations. Since i slacked so much already, so i decided to show my face and give some contributions.
That was why i missed my Physics tuition. still feeling bad about it. =(. Yet, some people damn perasan thinking he damn important that i have to anti him. sienz. Skip that skip that, spoil my mood only. Back to the day, we were dismissed at 130pm to prepare ourselves and we were given a curfew to be at the hall by 430pm. So, had our express lunch at Klang Parade. McD was our initial choice but Byy was worried about the calories as we need to wear dress that night and considering the number of customers at McD that hour, we changed our venue to food court instead. And thats when the KP food court drink counter scammed our Ching Pei.
Check out the drinks below ::
(take note: the height of the cups)

Large for RM2.00 and regular for RM1.90
like totally wtf?!

So, after express lunch, headed to my house to prepare. And for god know that i forgot to bring my key! And brother was not at home. I thank god that I have trustable friends living nearby. So, we went Jeannie's house instead! Then, Byy called my brother and realised that he left a spare key. So, change plan again. By then, it was almost 3pm already and we have not done any single shits! Note that there were 3 ladies, (me,sueyerz and chingpei) and we only have 1 and half hour left! It was chaos in my room and i shall skip whatever we did. *winks. So, as usual, we were late. 15 minutes only lah of course. Apparently, punctuality had never been Klang people's tradition. So, we're among the few early people still. So, we helped out with the final touch up jobs and prepared for my scope, ushering. As one of the people standbying by the main entrance, the ushers were kind enough to help the photographers to try out the light settings and everything.

testing testing 1,2,3..

in the midst of helping, we camwhored too.
one stone kill two birds. tsk tsk, genius we are!

RC Nite was not about thanking the members and award ceremonies only. It was also an event for people to gather and reminisce memories. 08 was too good to let this chance slip away, we used it well. =)



Not only 08s, it was a family gathering too! Meet my long-lost-very-HOT-Papa!

Der Tun Wong Lou Dao! =)

i know my papa is hot, drool whatever you want. hahaha

p/s : perhaps thats why all the SS-ness is coming back to mua. ♥


Not only 08s and family, it was a friends reunion too!

Ekin, the hot!

Ruben, the pageant winner!

Peiyen, the innocent!

Nicole and Ruhui, the BU hotties!

Last but not least,

the berry berry hawttt organizers!


Lastly, i'm ending this post with another random shit ::

cuz' i feel like yelling ya's name!

It was quite disappointing that my own AJK all put aeroplane on me.
Every single one of them.
Thanks for screwing Zirui up.
I'm speechless.
Yes, people change.

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  1. Miss u!!! My sweet daughter~
    btw, i m not tat hot la~ =P hahahah~ <3