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Sunday, May 26

The Mugshot Cafe, Georgetown.

Penang is famous for themed-cafe. If you happened to be strolling around Georgetown looking for a place to sit and chill, The Mugshot might be a great place for you.

"Our bagels are good, but our coffees are even better." This is the quote Mugshot Cafe live by. So you know what to order :) 

Their bagel and homemade yogurts are to die for. Mugshot is a very unique cafe because they only serve bagels, drinks and yogurts. 

Their menu ; simple and easy to read.

Their bagel is so fresh because the chef toast it on the spot.

And yes, they don't use gas stove but firewood. 

Mango and walnut yogurt, RM10.

Kiwi and honey yogurt, RM10.
It was okay but I felt that mango+walnut was better cuz the honey made the yogurt watery and I don't really dig sweet stuff like honey. :/
If you have a sweet tooth, this will suit your taste.

Turkey ham and cranberry sauce bagel, RM10.

Cream cheese and smoked salmon bagel, RM10.

We were so greedy that we ordered two yogurts. In the end we can't finish it so no coffee for us :(
Must go back again to try their coffee. 

Ready to whack!

Your visit to Mugshot will be meaningless if you don't do this :

Mugshot #1

Mugshot #2

The owners are slightly a bit cool so they are not exactly friendly. And the tables and chairs are quite low to suit children but they do have normal tables and chairs behind the cafe. Overall, this place is worth a visit!

LOL-ed so hard at this outside the washroom.

Mugshot Cafe is located at :

302 Chulia Street,
Georgetown, Penang.

Contact : 012-4056276

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