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Monday, May 27

May Updates.

May has been quite a busy month.
Assignments after assignments.
Deadline after deadline.

So this is university life.

Sorry for the lack of update. I've been busy with university stuffs so I don't really get to run around. You won't wanna see me blogging about my complaints about assignments and assignments mate right. So yeah, I'm here blogging because all assignments has been handed up and I'm basically entering study week now. Here's a quick update about my May :))

Completed one of our class assignment and took this pic outside Sollat.
Meet my pretty coursemates!

Visited by this two besties during the election week holiday! :D

Finished one shooting for assignment and strolled to Straits Quay for Charlie Brown :)

Won a silver medal in TOT for 400m.
Screwed up for 100m and 4x100m. LOL

Attended Communication Night for Choral Speaking performance.

The fun that night was mainly snapping pics with my coursemates.
And I think this is the first time my coursemates are making their debut on my blog :))

Wen Wen from Miri, Sarawak!
A girl that loves to play.
Thanks to her life here is so much more fun! :)

The sweet and kind girl from Bukit Mertajam.

She's from Klang too! LOL

Mary and Ruby.
The helpful seniors. 
Thank god for both of them (and Michelle) or else my life here will be slightly more miserable than it is now. LOL

Everyone meet Michelle, the senior mentioned above! :D

Another Michele. 
She is from Melaka and she has the most huggable size ever!
One of the friendliest girl in my course!

Gorgeous Kahlen from Butterworth.
One of my bestie over here. :)

Shanthiny from Ipoh.
I swear all most of the indian chicks in my course are hotties! 

Photoshopped my first ever poster!
It was a nightmare but I'm glad I pulled it through :')

Went for Penang Debate Open.
Broke into the octo-finals.
Glad our trainer was happy with how we did. :)

My teammate, Ben and Shumie.

Status check for May! :D
Glad with my body's progress :))
I'm ready for summer lololol

Looking forward to June because its final exam and then Korea babyyyyyy!
Can't wait, can't wait :D

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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