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Sunday, May 12

Marshall's Burger

Penang has too many burger shops/stalls seriously. Even in USM itself almost every hostel's cafeteria has a burger stall. If you're a burger lover, Marshall's burger will not disappoint you. 

Thanks Suzanne and Nick for accompanying me there! :))

Basically, their menu does not have much choice like Mcdonalds do, but their burgers are real yums! They only offer chicken, fish, beef and pork burgers but all the categories have different ingredients to come with. Not to mention their burger's name are quite swaggy! HAHA

Its not easy to get pork burgers so all three of us tried THREE different kinds of pork burgers.
I had The Fat Piglet.
Nick had The Swine something.
Suzanne had The Boar.

It is very thoughtful of them to come up with names related to the animals we are eating. LOL

Nick while waiting for our burgers.

Burger feast!

The Boar.

The Fat Piglet.

Nick was too hungry so I couldn't get a picture of her burger.

Their fries are normal, nothing too special. 
They serve something like Carls Jr.'s fries.

All in all, the food portions are quite big and its impossible to finish if you're not a big eater. Their choice of sauce will be ketchup (?) because there is only ketchup in the burgers and all over the fries. Maybe you'll have to ask over at the counter for chilli and other sauces.

The menu.

Working hour.

Happy girls.

This is definitely one of the must-try for people coming for food hunt in Penang!

If you're on diet, just abandon the buns and you can still enjoy the patty, veges and bacon. Their all good source of proteins (and fats). LOL

Marshall's Burger is located at :
124-C, Burma Road,
10350 Georgetown,

Tel : 04-2299124

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