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Saturday, May 12

Sis turned 21!

My sis turned 21 on 10th May! She is finally a real adult! I hope she get to vote on the coming general election! Hope its not too late to register. :/

Aww shuck, why am I saying such thing in this post.

So yeah, since its the 21st birthday, it meant something to us, chinese. So parents decided to throw a dinner and invited relatives and few close friends. It was just a real simple dinner. I invited Sen Chen, Pang, Kim and Siew Lye! In the end, Sen Chen ffk-ed. LOL

To those who came, thanks for coming!

Now, pictures will do the talking ::

her cake!

sis's current coursemates.

sis's primary besties.


A lot of my relatives and sis's friends and bro's friends assumed that they were couple.
Well, I'm declaring it on my blog that THEY ARE NOT COUPLE!
But, we won't know about it in the future.
Lets wait and let things happen by itself between them :D

Make a wish!

Photobombed by sis's friend. 
Blurred him out.

my sis is getting cheeky recently, really.

with Lay Hoon.

Lastly, a family picture for the night!

Fyi, my parents are featured in my blog for the very first time!
*pops  confetti*

Hey sis, if you happen to see this, Happy Birthday!
Blessed 21st.
Take care of yourself and strive hard in your studies!
I know you're gonna be someone awesome one day!

For more pics, kindly refer to Facebook! :D

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