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Saturday, May 12

Review : Korean Food Dinner at Seoul Palace

As you guys know, i'm working for a company running a online purchasing site. Hence, I'm addicted exposed to buying deals online. Recently, I bought a Korean dinner deal with Kehpohs and Pang. Sad but true, this is my first authentic korean meal. BBQ Plaza is not authentic Korean food! :(

I'm not sure whether this is the first time for the rest of them too but we were all quite awed at the utensils used. So excited about it especially when i'm so into Korean stuffs recently! 
Fyi, i'm dreaming planning of migrating over to Korea in the future. 

Yeah, people have been calling me crazy and unpractical. But, lets wait and see.
One day, imma prove you wrong!  Pfft.

Seriously, recently i'm very into snapping photos of food. So yeah, the coming pictures are all about foods.
No human photos were snapped that night! I slacked :(

Had desserts in McD after that!

Korean BBQ.

Kimchi soup.

Mixed rice.

Side dishes that came along.

after meal.

Reviews ::

Honestly, the foods were just.. Meh. Not as good as expected. As this was my first try at authentic Korean food, I can't really compare much. But, Pang said he tried the BBK branch's before and it was better than the one we went (Bukit Tinggi branch).

My favourite was of course the grilled porks. Second will be the kimchi and third goes to the Kimchi soup. The mixed rice would have tasted better if it was spicier. 

The size of portions were quite disappointing too. Can you imagine, someone as skinny as Kim, complaining that she's not full after the meal?! :O

The price were not too friendly too. This meal cost us RM143.20 for 4 person. But I bought this from deals so we managed so save some money there.

Rate : 5/10

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