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Monday, May 28


So, today was another normal day in the office where I wander around the world wide web. And today, I stumbled upon a dance crew called, Elecoldxhot, on Youtube. Well, I already know them a while ago from Astro's Battleground show. Yes, they won that competition back in 2008 as ECX and again in 2009 as Elecoldxhot. Little did I know they actually won Showdown 2011 too! 

Okay, back to my main point. Yes, I came across a few of their videos in Youtube today and gosh, they have already went international! Malaysian pride! These guys are dancing machines! The best part about them, all of the crew members are equally good and equally important. Imagine, if any of them did even the slightest mistake, the whole dance routine will be ruined! And pay notice to their routine, all members get their time to stand in the center or even perform their own specialty! I love how the choreographer has no bias and let each and every member shine in their own way. 

Oh, and their style is pretty versatile too.

I already embedded 3 of their latest performances in Champions Tour Perth 2012! Be amazed!

p/s : i personally love Set 3 the most. :)

Blogging about the LG party and Standard Chartered Fun Run soon. Pictures are in process :)

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