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Wednesday, August 31

Happy Independence Day!

 First of all, the following event that i'm gonna blog about totally has nothing to do with the title. The title is just to honour our beloved country's 54th Independence Day! 54 and still counting. Racism should be stopped and corruption must be ended!

Okay, cut the crap and lets enter the gist of this post ::

Badminton Club's Farewell Party!

The juniors made us really cute invitation card, but i lost mine ._. Sorry about that. The day begins with all the seniors planning to reach late (so that we look like VIPs). Lame, but fun. All the juniors were really warm and they welcomed us whole-heartedly. The whole night was full of LOLs!

the venue.

first shot, with the Ex-president.

second shot, the TOP THREE.

third shot, the B!
with waizen at the back -.-

Had a few pictures with the juniors, but they had not uploaded it yet. So, screw it. The attendance of juniors were not bad. (more than my year i guess). Then, dinner was served. It was buffet style and the foods were oriental food. Most of us have no problem with it and i hope Yuva enjoyed it too =)

the benefit of being the president : you get a bigger plate.
too bad, Calvin could not finish it. Haha

After dinner, was performance and game time. I was a little bit disappointed because my junior did not perform. Nevertheless, the other juniors performances were heart-tickling as well. Sen Chen could not stop laughing. Haha. One thing very nice about the performances is that all the juniors were very sporting and they are not shameful at all. This made their performance VERY interesting. Good job! 

And then, the game part! It was really enjoyable, but i did not win. How sad. Jin Tzen who sat beside me won! Pfft! But its okay lah, since win already got no award one, only get to eat a piece of Pringles only. Haha.
Then, SS time. Tonnes of pictures were snapped. I only posted a few here. To see more, kindly refer to Facebook =)

Some pictures of the night ::

Isaac and Yuva, the MC. and Lawrence.

my drunk-looking junior!
you better keep your promise =)

Last but not least, a gay picture of Lawrence and I.

The night was amazing but the senior's second round tak jadi. Nevermind, more chances in the future. 

Now, its time to study for trial. I don't want to say it only. But to do it. Action speaks louder than words. Had a very encouraging message from my dear EXCOs 08. The last thing i would wanna do is to let them down. My blog will be pretty dead after this as all i'm gonna do is study. But, stay tuned alright. Who knows i might PMS and blog about someting. =)

Love you, readers.

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