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Sunday, August 14

Dear Blog.

Its been a long time since i last posted something here. And i believe my blog is pretty dead by now. Trust me, its not that i don't want to update my blog. But, apparently i've been pretty lifeless recently to have anything to be updated.

My trial exam is super near by now and tuition classes are piling up like mountain. Other than, school, tuition classes and home, i go nowhere. Lifeless, kan? Sometimes, i feel like i'm living like a robot doing her daily routine. I can't wait for the exam to be over! Pffttt. Thank god, juniors are planning MP for us, the seniors. At least we get to have an excuse to party. =)

Now, for some rants.
I can't believe how lazy the headmistress of my school is. Can't you just come to school one day and interview all the probation prefects so that i can retire? Now, i have to hang on to my position till September. How great!! And and, its the last 3 months before exam and the school wanted to change my class teacher. C'mon, although she's not that awesome, but still, its too late already right. No point in changing already lah. School really gets on my nerves sometimes.

Anyway, my first post on the month of August! Ze'blogger is here, wishing all August babies Happy Birthday!

The August babes :
Ping Khai
Chun Siong
Chun Hine
Kelvin Lim 
Christopher Tee
James Lee
Sun Woei
Khai Ping
Beng Ghee
Sor Wen
Kathereen Loo
Elaina Teng
Choon Shen
Nyuk Fen
Sen Chen
Jin Tzen

We rock in our own way  

*pardon me if i miss out any. Kindly let me know. :D

with love.

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